Tim Stine


Tim has studied guitar with Glenn Ginn and Jim Smith. Tim stayed close to his home in Fargo, North Dakota to earn his undergraduate degrees. After graduating with a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Arts degree, Tim joined the faculty of North Dakota State University, where he taught as an adjunct guitar instructor. Tim then went onto Cincinnati where he recently received his Masters of Music in Jazz Studies from the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Since moving to Chicago in 2008, Tim has been very active performing and composing music in the city’s thriving jazz scene. Tim leads his own trio, the Tim Stine Trio, and performs with various other groups including a trio performing the music of piano great Herbie Nichols. The Tim Stine Trio recently recorded an EP available at timstinetrio.bandcamp.com . Tim has lead bands at many of the city’s finest creative music venues including Constellation, the Rachet Series at the Skylark, the Hungry Brain and as part of an on-going series for music curation service Uncanned Music. Other notable performances include a in-studio performance broadcast live on Northwestern’s Radio Station WNUR, a residency in April of 2014, and a record release show with Alysheba, a band run by Glencoe School of Music’s saxophone instructor Andy Oberhausen. Tim has held several long-term engagements in the Chicago area including at the Tasting Room,Woodlawn Tap and the Lotus Bar.

  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music from Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • Masters of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.;


Tim Stine focuses on teaching what the student wants to learn, but manages to make it fun and still sneak in large amounts of content. The student gains skill, whether it is on guitar, bass, or ukulele, and has fun too! Tim is highly trained with two undergraduate degrees in music and a Masters degree in Guitar Performance but still remembers what its like to be a beginner on the guitar, and proceeds very slowly, making sure each piece of information is thoroughly understood before proceeding. He believes understanding is the key to enjoying music and will teach your child (or you!) in a way that emphasizes understanding but is still enjoyable and effective.

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