Brandon Seyferth


Brandon Seyferth is a singer/songwriter who has been teaching guitar, musical composition, songwriting, bass guitar, and lyric writing for the better part of a decade. He has written songs, performed, and recorded with such notable names as Jackson Browne, Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes), Eric McFadden (dubbed "modern day Jimmy Hendrix" by Guitar Player Magazine), and Geri X ("Best of Indie," Rolling Stone Magazine, Bulgaria). He has also composed music for the silent film "Restoration," which has recently been selected by the International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles and continues to be accepted by film festivals nationwide. At the Old Town School of Folk Music and the Glencoe School of Music, Brandon has taught many successful workshops, such as "How to Figure Out Songs by Ear," "All About the Right Hand" and "Songwriting," with special guest, Pat MacDonald (Grammy nominee for best new artist in 1987, and songwriter for groups as eclectic as The Police, Peter Frampton and Cher). He is an easy going and experienced teacher who tailors his lessons to the interests and goals of his students, stressing good technique and fundamentals, to assist them in growing as quickly as their practicing habits allow.


Brandon's approach to teaching is results-based, but his easy-going nature and his passion for music instruction make his lessons enjoyable for students even when the going gets tough. His method revolves around identifying the goals and interests of each student and providing them with a road map to achieve their goals and to serve their interests. For those who are not sure what goals to set or what their interests may be, he will help to identify them. As playing an instrument begins with developing fine motor skills, much time in lessons will be spent building and executing these skills through a lot of playing. After that, the student will continue to grow by developing an understanding of theory and other various concepts and techniques that will increase his or her overall musicianship, while remaining mindful of evolving goals and interests. Brandon believes that if a student is having a little fun, his or her mind will be more agile and receptive to instruction. For the times that are more challenging, he provides context and effective encouragement to see the student through.

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