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Is Music For Me?

Music is for EVERYONE. Whether you are just beginning or a pro looking to polish your skills, we have a program for you.

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A. It is ideal for students to own their own instruments in order to facilitate practicing, however we understand that instruments may not always be available to families. There are many possible options you may consider to remedy this situation: 1) You can ask your teacher to recommend a good instrument rental store 2) Consider purchasing good quality, used instruments instead of new 3) Instruments such as piano and percussion only require electric keyboards or drum pads in order to begin lessons 4) The Glencoe Academy of Music does have a select number of guitars available for rent. Please inquire as to availability with the office.

A. Learning one of these skills is a process that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Basic skills may be learned in a matter of months, however most students continue lessons on a long-term basis as this leads to constant improvement.

A. Even if you have not had any experience with music in the past, there is never a wrong time to begin! Most students who find themselves asking this question already have all the desire required to be successful in the arts, they only need the opportunity. It doesn’t hurt to try music lessons; you never know the multitude of doors it may open!

A. Each of our programs and classes are offered at different times. Lessons are usually offered from 3:30pm and later weekdays. Saturday and Sunday, lessons are offered beginning at 8 AM.

A.We offer lessons in guitar (all styles), ukulele, bass guitar, voice (pop through classical), piano, violin, viola, percussion/drums, clarinet, saxophone, flute, song writing, composition, and recording engineer classes.

A. Lessons are semester based. Our fall and spring semesters contain 18 lessons. Our summer semester offers 11 lessons.

A. Each lesson taught is done so by our highly experienced faculty and instruction varies based upon the course and teacher. You can learn more about our instructors and the individual attention they commit to their programs on our Faculty page.

A: We gladly accept cash and payments via check. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer credit card payments.

A: We require full payment before the first lesson at the beginning of each semester.

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